One in ten pets suffer from allergies

From environmental substances like pollen, mould or dust mites, to parasites such as fleas and mites, or food allergies, there are lots of things that can cause pet allergies.

If your dog or cat is gnawing at their skin, chewing its paws or scratching generally, it may be suffering from an allergy skin condition.

Other signs you may be seeing include:


  • Face rubbing
  • Itchy, red skin
  • Head and ear shaking
  • Hair loss


  • Hair loss in an even, symmetrical pattern
  • Large patches of red skin
  • Red, crusty rash or very small bumps
  • Open sores on the head and neck

If you think your pet is showing any of the signs above, please seek advice from one of our vets.

Together we can help make your pet’s life comfortable again!