Cat Tips

Tips for bringing your cat to the vet

Top 10 Cat Tips

1. The Cat Carrier
Choose your cat carrier wisely, think about how you will get your cat into it, is it secure, can you comfortably lift it? Line the carrier with absorbent material in case your cat makes a 'mess'.

2. Getting Your Cat Used to the Carrier
Keep your cat carrier out in the house, feed your pet in the carrier, or even use the carrier as your cat's bed.

3. Anticipate
Do not feed your cat a large meal before travelling. Get yourself ready before loading the cat into the carrier to limit the time they spend in there.

4. Transport
Cover the carrier with a blanket, secure the carrier in the car so it cannot move around during the journey.

5. Appointments
Book appointments at cat-only clinics or sit in the cat-only part on the waiting room to avoid stress from dogs.

6. Ask for Advice
Ask your friendly veterinary team about calming products e.g. Feliway and Zyklene. These are both available from reception and can help alleviate stress. 

7. Road Trip
Get your cat used to travelling in the car from an early age by taking them on short journeys.

8. Familiarisation
Regularly bring your cat to the vet even if it's just for a weight check to get them familiar with the environment. Don't only bring them to the vets when there is a problem.

9. Prepare
Ensure your cat is surrounded by familiar smells, putting a blanket they like or an item of your clothing in the carrier can make them feel more secure.

10. Try to Stay Calm Yourself! 
Cats are very sensitive and will pick up on your emotions.